Hi there!

My name is Patricia and I’m here to help you get the most out of your life. This place is for you if you want to stop procrastination, perfectionism and all the habits that are keeping you from enjoying and living your life. If you want things to change you are in the right place.

And I bet I know why you’re here…

You’re struggling with a procrastination habit that keeps you from accomplishing your goals and you’re tired of never getting anything done

You’re never able to relax or fully enjoy what you’re doing because you’re always feeling guilty and thinking about what you “should” be doing

You feel stuck in your life and never seem to have time to do things you really want to do

You can’t seem to find the motivation you need to get started or complete projects

You never seem to do what you set out to do

You KNOW you can achieve your goals but for some reason, you just don’t work on them

You can’t help but feel like things need to be perfect before they’re “done”

Feel like all you need is self-discipline but all the tips and tricks you’ve tried never work

You’re probably feeling like this…

You have dreams and projects. You have a vision for your life but you can’t get anything done. You don’t know where to start. You easily get sidetracked

You are feeling stuck, in stagnation, unfulfilled. You are feeling as if you are wasting your time and that everyone is moving forward except you. You want everything to be perfect. You don’t feel motivated enough to get started. You know your life could be so much better and easier. You feel as if you are never achieving anything

You want to take action, you want to move forward. You want to feel motivated to start and finish all the things you set out to do. You want to be done with perfectionism. You want to have a stronger willpower. You want to take advantage of all the time at your hands. You want to have a feeling of accomplishment. You want to achieve your goals

I totally understand! Because this was me not too long ago. I know what it’s like to want to work on passion projects but never be able to bring yourself to start them. I know what it’s like to just want to relax but feel guilty about the things you should be working on. I know exactly what it’s like to feel stuck, in stagnation and not moving forward in your life. In case this is your first time meeting me, here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly qualified to tell you everything you have ever wanted to know about ending your procrastination habits for good! For years, actually the better part of a decade, I let procrastination and perfectionism rule my life. And finally, once I had let my dreams and goals slip away for far too long, I started to dig into my procrastination habit and perfectionism mindset. I spent all my spare time reading all the psychology books I could get my hands on, studying what made me tick, act and behave in certain ways, watching countless hours of documentaries, movies, and YouTube videos all so I could better understand myself and what kept me from really taking action on my goals! I guess you could call me somewhat of a psychology, mindset and all things related to «why we act the way we act» nerd! For years I felt stuck in the corporate world and wanted to start my own business but I procrastinated on it because I wanted it to be perfect! And if it couldn’t be perfect then I just wouldn’t do it, because why bother right?! But finally, after studying psychology for so long and learning all about my habits and what made me tick, I was able to become aware of my patterns and behavior in such a way that I was able to break my procrastination habits and my perfectionism mindset! And now, I want to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to do the same. I started my business because I was sick and tired of people struggling with never accomplishing their goals because of procrastination and perfectionism. They were struggling hard and not finding a solution – so I wanted people, including YOU, to know that there is one! There is a solution, a salvation and a chance to forever say adios to your lingering to-do lists and unrealized goals forever-and-ever! Well, I also wanted to work for myself because the corporate is not my true calling and you know why not being happy?

The things I’m most passionate in life are…

Reading, I am a huge book nerd, I D-E-V-O-U-R books and fill my ears with audiobooks. I love all types of books from self-help to fantasy novels (my all-time favorites: The Outlander Series and anything that Sarah J. Maas writes) Δ Taking photos, I developed a big passion for photography during one of my travels. Δ Being active, I love using my body, feeling my legs moving. It can be yoga, biking, running, walking, working out or hiking. Δ Traveling, discovering new places, whether it’s in another country or 20 minutes from where I live. Δ Taking online courses, I’m a curious learner and I’m always on the lookout to learn new skills, even if it’s water coloring or photography, sign me up!

What’s my favorite quote?

«A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for»

Quick facts about me

I have a piece of pencil lead stuck in my left palm from a silly accident to happened when I was 11 years old. Yes, you guess it, I’m kind of clumsy.

I don’t wear any makeup, in fact, the last time I ever wore makeup was in October 2015.

I’m French Canadian.

I love listening to movie soundtracks, I particularly love Amélie (my favorite movie), Howl’s Moving Castle and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I don’t drink alcohol (don’t like the taste) so whenever I go out my go-to order is a vodka cranberry – hold the vodka. I really do like cranberry juice btw

I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I’m always willing for a Lord of the Rings marathon, extended versions, of course!

I’ve been a vegan since 2014

My favorite place that I’ve been to is the Black Forest in Germany. I love the mountains and the forest, so if I go somewhere and there’s one of the two I will be absolutely happy.

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