A Manifesto to Living in Alignment to Your True Self

A guide to help you live in alignment to your true self. A manifesto to live with more mindfulness in your routine.

In a world filled with outside noise, from social media to television to the depts of the Internet, it can be hard to really know when we are being our true selves. This is where the importance of having a manifesto to living in alignment to your true self comes in handy.

I struggled with being in alignment and to find what being in alignment meant for me. I understood that when I am out of alignment it’s because I don’t have energy, motivation and I can’t see where I’m going. Eventually, I decided to work on myself and to dig deep on what sets my soul on fire and how I can incorporate all of it into my daily life to have the best chance to stay in alignment and to respect my boundaries.

What is being in alignment to your true self?

I believe that when I am aligned, it’s because I am true to myself, that I’m listening to my core desires and that I’m in sync with my values. Being in alignment means living by your own essence and by our deepest values.

A guide to help you live in alignment to your true self. A manifesto to live with more mindfulness in your routine.

The Manifesto

I focus on what I want and I let go of what I don’t want.

I know what I want and how to express it. And I don’t let any of the things that I don’t want take any of my mental space or my energy.

I leave people feeling better than how I found them.

Whether by listening to them or by having a conversation with them. What I want is to give a positive energy instead of a negative vibe.

I commit to not spend all my time confined by walls.

I want to breathe the fresh air, feel the wind and feel the sunshine on my skin. I know all the good that spending some time in nature can give me whether it’s just for a 15-minute walk or for a 2-hour hike.

I don’t judge people and I don’t complain.

When we judge and complain, our brains enter into a negative thinking mode. If I judge someone, it’s because this person doesn’t have a positive impact on me, so instead, I try not to give the person any of my thoughts. I made this experiment and I can see the benefits. I’ll be honest, it’s not easy to do but after a few days, it gets easier.

I know that only the present moment is real, the past is no longer and the future has not happened yet.

I often struggle to let go of the past or I’m anxious about the future. In other words, I keep thinking about something that already happened and I keep thinking about something that has not yet happened. But by doing that, I’m not living and enjoying the present moment.

I commit to being patient, to enjoy the journey and the process

This is all about how «life is a journey and not a destination».

I don’t compare myself to others, because we are not the same person and our paths are different

When I start comparing myself to others, I end up doubting myself and being influenced by certain components whether I want it or not.

I am being myself because everybody else is already taken and not being myself is exhausting and it can break me down from the inside out.

I’m proud of who I am and after years I can now say that I know myself and that I’m proud of who I am. Don’t hide.

I keep my word to myself.

There’s incredible power in committing to something and actually following through. I am keeping myself accountable.

I live in accordance with my values.

I know my values and they are reflected in the way I’m acting in life.

I commit to being the person I wish I’ve had when I was younger

I’m doing that by giving myself the advice that I wish I’d receive. I’m being attentive to the others and I’m acting the same way I would like them to act with me.

I follow what lights me up and let go of what no longer brings me joy

The book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo inspired me to do this with my life. After all, why would I intentionally keep something that brings me nothing? Instead, I make more place to what sets my soul on fire, I allow myself to follow my passion and get excited.

I make sure that the things I am doing to feel better don’t actually make me feel worse

By doing this one, I’m being attentive to myself. For example, if I decide to take the habit of waking up earlier because I want to become more of a morning person and get things done in the morning  but that I discover that I’m more of a night owl, that I work better in the evenings, then I will stop and reconsider and probably return to my habit of being a night owl instead of a morning person.

I am grateful for the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Practicing gratitude has helped me develop a more positive mindset.

I follow my own intuition, I believe in myself.

I don’t the listen to the noise around me. I know how to listen to myself, whether after meditating or by journaling.

I focus on actions, not outcomes.

As long as I’m taking actions, I will move forward. When I set a goal, I dissect it into small action steps that are more tangible and precise to follow. I try to take action every day, so as long as I’m taking action I’m getting closer to my goal.

I create and have healthy boundaries

I have learned to say no to things that are not bringing me any positivity in my life. Since I have set my boundaries, I respect them, by the way, I’m acting.

I give space to my creativity

The book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert taught me a lot about creativity and inspired to act more fearless on creating. I want to give more space for creating in my life, whether by drawing, writing or painting.

I give myself permission to make mistakes and to learn from them

As a recovering perfectionist, it’s something that was and is still hard to do. I only have to remember that everybody makes mistakes and that it’s how I act after that makes all the difference. I can let myself feel inadequate with all of those negative emotions or I can transform the mistake into a learning experience. By doing that I give less power to events and I give myself permission to experiment.

I commit to stepping outside of my comfort zone to allow myself to learn from new experiences and to grow

When I’m in my comfort zone, I’m in known territory, however, I know that all the new experiences that I want to live will happen outside of my comfort zone. My goal is to stretch this zone a little bit every day. I ask myself «what am I afraid to do that I want to do» and then I do it.

I commit to not employ the phrase «I don’t have enough time» because I believe that if it’s something truly important to me, I will make the time

Saying «I don’t have enough time» is giving an excuse. If you truly want to do something, you will find the time to do it or find some sort of compromise. It’s all about discovering and knowing what your priorities are and making the time for them.

I don’t have any «guilty pleasures», because I don’t feel guilty or silly for my tastes.

Being authentic is one of my core values, I believe that feeling «guilty» about what you like whether it’s a movie, a sort of candy or anything else shouldn’t be normal. If you like something say it out loud! You’re probably not the only to hide and by saying it out loud you might give the courage to other people to not hide.

I trust and listen to myself because I already have all the answers.

My life is my own path and when I have a decision to make I try to always listen to myself and not the others because I already have all the answers, I just need to ask myself the right questions.

I am my actions, not my words.

Ever heard of «You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do»? You can say that you are someone kind but your actions may not show it. Every day I’m asking myself «how would the person I want to be in life act?» Also, what we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while.

I take care of myself, I practice self-care.

It’s very important to take some time every day, whether it’s only 10 minutes to practice self-care, it can be anything, from taking a bath to reading a book. Self-care is taking time for yourself and doing something that feels good.

The Last Word

This was my current manifesto to living in alignment with my true self. Of course, the manifesto, like myself, will evaluate along the way but I believe that it’s important to put your values and what your beliefs are someplace where you can come back to it to remember your boundaries or to come back to when you’re feeling out of alignment.

What are you doing to stay aligned? Comment below!
A guide to help you live in alignment to your true self. A manifesto to live with more mindfulness in your routine.
A guide to help you live in alignment to your true self. A manifesto to live with more mindfulness in your routine.